Case Histories In Vibration Analysis And Metal Fatigue For The Practicing Engineer

This highly accessible book provides analytical methods and guidelines for solving vibration problems in industrial plants and demonstrates their practical use through case histories from the author's personal experience in the mechanical engineering industry

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It is an ideal guide for readers with diverse experience, ranging from undergraduate students to mechanics and professional engineers.

It takes a simple, analytical approach to the subject, placing emphasis on practical applicability over theory, and covers both fixed and rotating equipment, as well as pressure vessels

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Handbuch Feuerverzinken

In der nunmehr vierten Auflage ist das Handbuch Feuerverzinken konzeptionell und inhaltlich vollstandig uberarbeitet und aktualisiert worden. Inzwischen nicht mehr anwendungsrelevante Themen wurden gestrichen, wahrend neue rund um
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